The history of scouts in Russia

The history of scouting in Russian has a long and complicated history. It started back in 1909 by the Russian General O. Pantukhov.

The 90s of the XX are the years of the rebirth of Russian scouting movement. Our organisation was founded in 1998 and merged several interregional Russian scout organizations.

In 2005 the republic of Karelia became the center of NORS-R.


Our office

The office of the organisation is situated in the city of Petrozavodsk. More than 90 scout organizations and groups from 19 regions of Russia are members of the organisation.

Our address is: Russia, 185030, Petrozavodsk,  Alexandra Nevskogo prospect 71, email:

The main directions of our work interregional work, spiritual development, and international cooperation. We organise all kind of courses: from group leader to scoutmaster courses, and different national projects such as National Jamboree (visit our web-site of the last one: and thematic camps for Rovers.

One of our goals is to support regional scout organisations creating interregional centers to support local groups, provide regular informational and methodological support.

Our groups are focused on the Orthodox Church, but also people, who belong to other religions, we are open to people of other religious beliefs.

International cooperation

Scouts from other countries regularly take part in our scout projects. Scout groups from Belarus, Germany, Finland, Estonia and other countries participated in our last Jamboree. Wherein NORS is not a part of WOSM, the cooperation is developing between local and regional groups.

We are always glad to take part in event of scout organisations from all over the world.

Stay in touch

We would be happy to share our experience and learn from you.

Regarding any questions you are welcome to contact:

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