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The camp program

The camp program.
The camp program is to have four activity centers and about 20 educational centers. The schedule will be following: before lunch the whole sub-camps participate in one activity centre, after lunch scouts go to educational center of their choice (they visit the same educational center every day and are able to learn some scout specialty very well).
Activity centers
1. Obstacle course and quest
2. Arts and crafts: participants will get acquainted with traditional folk crafts of Novgorod and will be able to produce by theirselves items of elm, straw, wood, claim etc.
3. Historical activity center: scouts will be able to participate in the reenactment of the Battle on Shelon’ river.
4. Civic activity center “2030”: the big role game. Modeling of the group actions under the conditions of global disaster.
Educational centers
Educational-centers give an opportunity to master both basic level and primary instructor level of scout specialty (the goal of the instructor level is forwarding the received skills to the participants’ groups).
The scouts should be divided for participating in educational centers in advance by their leaders. The interests, age of scouts and the organization’s needs should be taken into account. The limit of each center is up to 40 participants. Centers are temporary groups, they use scout method in work organization and administration and the feedback method. There’re supposed to be organized five lessons and day and night practical hike in each center.
After the successful finishing of the lessons in the educational center, the scout receives a badge. Centers also give an opportunity to receive an instructor certificate. The participants, who achieve instructor  level, also receive a practical task, which they should fulfill after Jamboree.
Other program parts
-Parade and opening ceremony in Velikiy Novgorod. City game and excursion.
-Trade and fun fair «The yard of Yaroslav»
-Big Jamboree camp-fire
-Theatrical closing ceremony
-Great training «Veche of Novgorod»
-Role modeling
-”Heroic deal”: helping in restavration of Michailo-Klopsliy Monastery
New technologies
«Patrool book» The idea is following. Not every Jamboree participant, but every little group (patrool) receives a participant’s book, which includes description of activity and educational centers, obstacles, camp’s program, subcamp’s symbolic, the Jamboree meadow map, words of organizers, camp’s dictionary etc. Every book will have mobile connection detector. It gives an opportuninty to organize new types of competition, quickly inform the group about the changes in program.
Part of Jamboree site «Evening fire»
Every group receives login and password to achieve the Internet-page. Every evening the group enters the conclusions of their discussion about the day. All the results are shown on the Jamboree screen. Every group must have at least one wi-fi device (for wireless connection): notebook, communicator, smartphone, netbook etc. It’s more comfortable to have 2 types of devices: notebook|netbook and mobile device – communicator|smartphone).
On-line stub”
There’re will be a special place on the Jamboree meadow (stub) with special equipment for on-line connection with parents.
Hike “Towards the Ilmen-lake’s water”
Hike through traditional villages of Novgorod region to the shore of lake Ilmen’, which was called Slovenskoje sea by ancient Slavs. This hike includes practical tasks on the specialty, which scouts learn in the educational centers.
That’s not all! On our Jamboree there’re will be:
Testing area – where all the participant will have an opportunity to test theirselves and try the most unusual scout trials
Special program for staff, which includes

  • Swamp-party
  • Night scouting in Velikiy Novgorod
  • Training centers
  • Cafe LOLZ

Special program for cub-scouts and beavers.
Conference for scout leaders
In addition you can order excursion program.
Site tour in Novgorod Kremlin, “The time theatre” – visiting the Troitskiy excavation
Contact information of office NORS-R:
Web-site http://nors-r.ru
E-mail nors-r@mail.ru
Phone: +7 (921) 457-68-45
Contact information of regional organization “Scouts of Novgorod region”:
Phone: +7 (908) 291-02-21 – Fedotova Katerina Jurjevna
Phone of the Jamboree chief: 7 (921) 204-19-59 – Calik Sergey Victorovich

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