BORODINO-2016. The 8-th Russian Scout Jamboree.

Description of the Jamboree program:

The program is aimed for different age groups and consist of several parts:

Moscow. The heart of Russia

Program on the Jamboree field.

Age-related programs

Programs in the sub-camps

Special features and events for foreigners


Moscow. The heart of Russia

Big and noisy, bright and charming. We will help you to find the inner spirit of the capital of Russia.

Participants will spend 2 days in the city before the Jamboree Opening Ceremony. 

This part of the program includes:

- Scout parade
- Prayer service
- Open scout fair in a one of the parks of Moscow
- St. George Game in Moscow - a big historical game
- Free time for sightseeing (the number of museums and places of interest will be offered to the foreigner groups. Each group can get an English speaking scout guide, who will help them if they need.)

Program on the Jamboree “field”.

Rich and versatile camp program is adopted to the different ages and uses all the opportunities which nature, historical location of the camp and the talents of the scout leaders and invited specialists can provide.

Activities are aimed at scouts aged from 11 to 14 and are a part of the program for all the subcamps.

There are 5 types of activities in the program (3 hours each) .

Forest patrol

Practise in firefight and fire protection in the forest. This is a part of project organized by NORS together with Air Forest Fire Fighting-organization

Social practice

Organization and carrying out good deeds aimed at solving local social problems with powers of scouts (supporting the Borodino Museum, helping local people, ecological crews, etc.)

Borodino field

Attending the excursion to the State Borodino historical-military Museum-reservation where professional guides will tell you about the history of the French invasion of Russia in 1812 and the Battle for Moscow in winter 1941.

As the Jamboree is taking place on the field, where the great (and sad) battles of the two wars has taken place, you can get familiar with fortifications and historic sights on the territory of the Borodino field. Participants will learn lots of interesting about feats of arms, will have an opportunity to discuss the event with the reconstructors, to discharge the cannon of the Borodino time, to learn more about the War, arms and weapons.


Every Jamboree day scout will participate in activities, which will reflect the historical events on the Field of Borodino. Each small group will have a special mission connected to a particular historical event or a historic person. Performing practical tasks and solving riddles, scouts will move through the field meeting epoch-making people. The game will allow participants to learn new details about the Battle of Borodino and to go deep into the atmosphere of the era.


This activity will introduce laws of physics, chemistry, and mechanics through participating in master classes. You will be able to test yourself in robotics, inventing vehicles working on various sources of energy, and to learn about nanotechnologies.

Age-related programs

Nobody will feel boring. The kids and youngsters of all ages, the leaders and even the parents will find something new and special and will be able to acquire amazing new skills!

4-6 years. Small beavers. The program is aimed at learning the world through games, shaping communication skills and self-helping (also in the wild).

7-10 years. Cub scouts. The program will be held in a form of an adventure-role-game. The aim is to give children opportunity to know more about history of the country in connection with the real artefacts of the past epochs and also about Russian army.  Cubs will be able to take part in all the camp activities (the program will be adapted for the age.) On the Jamboree farm (khutor) the cub-scouts  will have special program with farm animals.

11-14 years. Scouts. The aim of this program - shaping responsible attitude toward the past and present of Russia through comprehension of a personal role of everyone.

Besides the activities scouts will be able to take part in an everyday festival of master classes and “Scouts badges” program  going deeply into one of the aspects of scouting work.

The festival of master classes and workshops includes following units:

- Ethnic/ folklore;
- Khutor (agricultural program);
- Historical program;
- Technological program;
- Press-centre;
- Sport (incl. Ready for Labour and Defence standards - tests based on the Russian physical culture program, studying the level of your physical fitness);
- Extreme;
- Game-technics, etc.

15-18 years. Rovers. Scouts of this age will be also able to participate in a special program which has the aim to extending and broadening usual limits of a teenager self-development. Program includes:

- Special Scouts Badges aimed at rover-aged scouts only (First Aid, Tour guide, Search and Resque);
- Trainings of personal development;
- Group project work;
- Discussions; “Start thinking by yourself”, “What to do to make a country better”, “Unsolved problems in the history of a country”; “The role of Russia in our world”, etc.

Parents (no division by the age). For the first time our Jamboree is open for the parents and has a special program for them. Parents will live in the campsite, take part in some activities such as “Quest-park”, “Technopark”, and “Borodino field", participate in role games with special operations and functions. Also special pedagogical and psychological trainings and  parents competitions will be organized for them.

Leaders. The aim of the program - creation conditions for positive interaction and cooperation, professional and experience exchange. It includes:

- Hiking for the experienced
- Platforms for communication;
- Training for emotional relaxation;
- Conference and enlarged session of NORS

Program in the subcamps.

Subcamp is your "hometown" in the Jamboree "country". Every day you will enjoy various activities together with your neighbors getting to know them even better!

Each subcamp will have a separated program every day.

It includes:
- discussions, meetings with competent people, theme nights;
- preparations for the evening subcamps’ competitions;
- on-site small groups’ competitions.

Special features and events for foreigners

We are always very glad and happy to have scout groups from other countries on our Jamborees and we try to make you feel comfortable and cozy on Borodino 2016.

- Schedule of excursions: Kremlin, Tretyakov Gallery, Kolomenskoye museum etc
- Special master classes (Russian traditional .crafts).
- International campfire
- Support through the whole main program by a partner group
- Team of interpreters and international problem-solving center.

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