Conditions, fees and extras 

- Jamboree fee: The participation fee is 40 euros. 
- Accomodation in Moscow: The stay in Moscow will cost about 500 rubles per night if you prefer to stay in youth clubs (floor accommodation). We can also help you to organize accommodation in hostels (about 800 rubles per night). 
- Food in Moscow: Participants are responsible for their meals in the city. It will cost at least 500 rubles per day. 
- Transport in the city: one-way-ticket costs 30 rubles. 
- Food in the camp: If you pre-order the food for cooking, it will cost app. 200 rubles per day set. 
- Transport to the camp: The one-way bus ticket from Moscow to Jamboree field is 500 rubles. Organizers are trying to minimize those costs. 
You can find more information about the conditins in the camp here. 


The participation fee (40 euros) includes:

  1. A scarf of the Jamboree;
  2. T-shirt;
  3. A tour to the reserve area “Borodino” with a guide;
  4. Participating in the whole Jamboree programme.

The fees could be raised based on the economic circumstances in the country.

Coming to the Jamboree place, food during the Jamboree, and additional tours are organized by participants. You can ask organizers for the assistance.

One more important thing: we are going to stay in a historical place, that places us under special obligations and restrictions. Occupation layer there is only 25 cm! It is forbidden to dig holes and make fireplaces on the ground. Therefore, we have to bring some innovations to the equipment of our group places.

We are inviting each group to develop the issue of making food without a fire on a ground. There are lots of constructions which are used by scouts all over the world. You do not necessarily need to take all the components from your home, we can help to find the necessities already in Moscow (but remember to order it 2-3 month before).

Share your ideas here or in the group NORS: НОРС-Р В КОНТАКТЕ

Here are some example photos from the Dutch Jamboree and some Russian scout camps.





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