Jamboree ”The  Novgorod republic”

Set your tent at the place, where the history of Russia began!

Next summer there is going to be the Sixth Jamboree of Russian scouts ”The Novgorod republic”. The gathering of all scout tribes will take place on the land of Novgorod region, 20 kilometers from Veliki Novgorod, on an opening near the place where two rivers Veryazhka and Lyuboyezha merge.

Jamboree 2010 The Novgorod Republic


From the Jamboree camp site opens a marvelous view over Mikhailo-Klopski monastery (by the way, the Monastery inhabitants will be glad to meet scouts and to receive their help). Also every participant of Jamboree will be able to see the legendary Ilmen Lake; the routes of Jamboree hikes will reach its shores.


About 2000 scouts from all over Russia are supposed to come to the Jamboree camp. And of course we will be happy to see foreign guests at this great event!


The Jamboree calendar

Up to February, 14 2009: the final day for the participants to register and to pay the camp fees

July, 21-31 2010: Preparatory camp

August, 1 2010: Parade and the opening ceremony

August, 2-9 2010: Program on the Jamboree camp site

August, 10 2010: Groups’ departure


Camp fee:

1,500 rubles per person

Up to February, 1st 2010: the first part of the camp fee should be paid (750 rubles);

Up to May, 1st 2010: the second part of the camp fee should be paid (750 rubles).

The groups organize their meals by themselves. There will be a food shop working on the Jamboree camp territory, where each group will be able to order foodstuffs.

The camp fee for staff is 750 rubles, food included.


Contact person of the group


We kindly ask you to choose a Contact person, which will provide connection between Jamboree committee and your group. Please send the contact information of your contact person via e-mail: nors-r@mail.ru (the office of NORS-R) up to October, 1st 2009.



Map of the Jamboree 2010 The Novgorod Republic

The camp program

There are supposed to be 5 activities and about 10 education centers. The agenda will be the following: before lunch the subcamps take part in activities; after lunch the scouts go to the education centre they have chosen for themselves.



1. Obstacle course: Every scout will be able to show their worth on the trail of trials, including water obstacles.


2. Handmade activity: the participants get acquainted with the traditional crafts of the region and will be able to make things from birch elm, straw, wood, clay etc.


3. Historical: scouts will be able to take part in the reconstruction of the ancient battle on the river Shelon (1471)


4. Water activity: during the activity participants will sail along the Veryazhka river and try to reach the Ilmen Lake.


5. Work activity:  Jamboree participants will have a chance to do something for the Mikhailo-Klopski Monastery.




Here’s the list of centers. Some of them will be included into the Jamboree program. You will be able to vote for the centers via e-mail or on the website www.Jamboree.ru



1. Eco center

2. Pioneer center

3. Spiritual center

4. The center of Slavic culture

5. Center 2030

6. Leaders Center

7. Hiking center

8. Rescue center

9. Military center

10. Cosmetology center

11.GPS navigation center

12. Cooking center

13. Self-protection center

14. Monkey camp

15. Dancing center

16. Knight battles

17. Cinema center

18. Photo center

19. Fishing center

20. Song center

21. Business school

22. Project planning center

23. School of the scout-beginners

24. Indian center

25. Children’s workshop center

26. Information center


General camp program

-parade and the opening ceremony. City game and excursion.

-Trade-fair ”Yaroslavovo Dvorische”, where everybody can try a real Novgorod merchant role on

-Great camp fire

-Dramatized closing ceremony

-Mega-training “The Novgorod Veche”

-Role play modelling

Hike ”Towards the IlmenLake waters ”


Hike through the traditional villages of Novgorod region towards the shore of Lake Ilmen, which ancient Slaves called the Slovenian sea.



We also plan to organize on our Jamboree:


Trial area – where each participant can put themselves to test and go through the most unbelievable scout trials.

Special program for staff, including:


Night reconnaissance in Veliki Novgorod

Training centers

Cafe ”Lolz”

Program for cub scouts and children of younger age

Conferences for scoutleaders


Special excursion program


Included: general excursion in the Novgorod Kremlin; ”The Time theater” – visiting the Troitski excavation, lunch,  museum of wooden art “Vitoslavitsa”. The approximate price of the program is 1,200 rubles.



Contact information of the main office of NORS-R:

·        website of NORS:

·        e-mail: nors-r@mail.ru

·        telephone number: 0079214576845



Contact information of regional organisation ”Scouts of Novgorod region”:


·        Telephone number: 007 908 291 02 21 — Katerina Fedotova

·        Telephone number of Jamboree director: 007 921 204 19 59 – Sergey Tsalik



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